August 12 - 18 2015. I am exhibiting four of my portraits in the collective show 'Les peintres de la Nivelle', at the Tour de Bordagain, in Ciboure, French Basque Country. The portraits are of artists Filipe Oyhamburu, Nestor Basterretxea, and the shepherd Miren Aire, and a double self-portrait. Oyhamburu and my portrait were purchased long ago and are usually in the home of their owners. So this is a great opportunity to see them. Catologue.
July 3 2015. Closing reception of my artist residency at Beita. 1.30pm Drinks and food will be served. Meanwhile I will continue painting a portrait with a model until 2pm. Sit down or stand and watch with a nice refreshment in one hand and nice plate of food in the other! Reception and exhibition continue until 3.30pm.
June 3 - July 2 2015. I am Artist-in-Residence at Beita, Jerusalem's Social Based Art Center. I will paint life-sized portraits of volunteer models over the course of three weeks. The residency focuses on portraiture as a mechanism for interpersonal communication, cross cultural exchange, self-exploration and personal identity-building. I will use Beita as a live studio where through my creative process I will explore the spiritual, psychological and sociopolitical dimensions of the models and their environment.

June 2 2015. I give a talk and mini-workshop on Painting Identity and Portraiture at Beita, Jerusalem's Social Based Art Center. Participants are invited to try painting themselves or others.
February 1 2015. My daughter Noa Laila June was born peacefully in our home in Jerusalem.
I produced these two portraits of myself in charcoal on brown paper just a few weeks before:

Since October 2014, I am in Jerusalem, Israel. Based here as Lady Davis visiting professor at the European Forum of the Hebrew University, I continue my research on painting, ethnography and identity politics.
Sept. 3 - 6 2014. I will be painting live the portrait of Anthropologist Katie Stewart at the Blanton Museum of Art, Austin, Texas, in collaboration with the Anthropology Department of the University of Texas, Austin. Come visit 1-5pm everyday! Sept. 6: Roundtable discussion on the topic of Slow Ethnography.
July - August 2014. Solo show 'Lives', Saint Mary's Art Center, Virginia City, NV, USA.
Reception: Sunday June 29, 1-4pm.

June 19-22 2014. As part of Nada Dada, the art-in-50-motel-rooms-movement, I get a room at the Motor Lodge Motel in downtown Reno to draw the life-size portrait of photographer Frances Melhop. Come see us in action!

November 2013 - January 2014. Solo show 'Identities', Metro Gallery, downtown Reno, NV, USA.

Reception: December 12, 5-7pm.

In the picture, painting artist Joan Arrizabalaga at her home in Reno, NV.

November 18-24 2013. Live painting, with Ethnographic Terminalia,  Arts Incubator, Chicago, IL, USA.

October 18-20 2013. Live painting, American Natural History Museum, New York, NYC, USA.
May 2-4 2013. I co-organize the symposium 'Beyond Guernica and the Guggenheim: art and politics today", hosted by the Center for Basque Studies, at the University of Nevada Reno. Participants included art historians Dore Ashton and Peter Selz, sociologist Nathalie Heinich, curators Daniel Castillejo and Fernando Golvano, and artists Azucena Vieites and Txomin Badiola. A publication will be out in 2014.
April 2013. I receive a Junior Faculty Summer Research and Artistry Grant from the University of Nevada Reno - 3000 dollars - which will help cover the costs of my research on the politics of art in the Basque Country this summer.
March 2013. I take part in a retreat with the Dusty Roads Artists at Saint Mary's Art Center, in Virginia City, Nevada.
January-February 2013. Solo show 'Intimacy', Sheppard Contemporary Gallery, Reno, NV.

With the birth of my son, the presentation and reception for my exhibition is re-scheduled to: 7 February.

Paul Kurt Irrintzi was born today January 25 2013, at 8.01pm (at home in my painting studio thanks to the help of four amazing people, including my husband Christian)!

January 2013. Self-portrait in third trimester. oil on canvas.
As from today, 1st of January 2013, I shall resume my daily drawings.
You can see my previous challenge, in 2011, here.
I have decided to resume this challenge, because it is such a beautiful way of documenting life. 
And one of the beauties of life is that in exactly 4 weeks time, 'kartoffel' is officially expected to enter the world!

October-November 2012. My solo exhibition 'Portraits of People Today' is on show at the Hotel de Ville, Saint Jean Pied de Port, France.
14-17 October 2012. I present a paper on 'Ethnography and Painting: parallel ways of apprehending the world' at The Representational Art Conference, in Ventura California. Here, painting in the Bar du Marché, Bayonne, French Basque Country.
June-July 2012. I am in the Basque Country for my research on 'The Role of the Artist in Society Today'. Here painting sculptor Inaki Olazabal at work in his studio in Zumaia.
See a documentary about me by the regional television TVPI.
28 May - 29 June 2012. My oil sketches of Martutene prison in the outskirts of the Spanish Basque town of San Sebastian, are shown in a collective exhibition 'Itzal Aktiboaren lagunak' at the Gallery Josette Dacosta, in Saint Jean Pied de Port, France.
24-28 May 2012. I take part in the conference 'The Art of the Portrait', organized by the Portrait Society of America, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
May 2012. I complete my self-portrait 'With muse..' oil on canvas.
19 May 2012. I give a talk at the University of California Bakersfield on 'The Power of Images in the Basque Country', invited by Prof. Steve Gamboa.
13 April 2012 - I receive a Junior Faculty Research and Artistry Grant from UNR's College of Liberal Arts, which will greatly help finance my painting project in the Basque Country this summer!
11 April 2012. I give a talk in the Anthropology department of the University of Nevada, Reno on my research and my use of painting as an ethnographic method.

10 March 2012 - I give a presentation on my current artistic and anthropological research: 'The Power of Images (in the Basque imagination)' at the Nevada Historical Society Museum. Amongst images and artists that I argue are an influence, I mention the tree carvings by Basque American shepherds, cave paintings, street political art, the collages and intense paintings of Josette Dacosta, and Itziar Ziga's latest book cover Sexual Herria. I finish with a focus on individuality (below, a picture from my presentation, contrasting a tree carving with one of my 'erotic' paintings..).

1-3 March 2012. I present a paper with co-author Christian Thauer on 'Corporate Social Responsibility and Local Communities', combining political science and social anthropology, at the conference 'Beyond Utopia: crisis, values and the socialities of nature', organized by the Consortium of Comparative Research on Regional Integration and Social Cohesion' at the University of Santa Barbara, California.
February 2012. I receive a Scholarly and Creative Activities Grant from the College of Liberal Arts of the University of Nevada Reno. This will help me greatly to pursue fieldwork in the Basque Country over the coming summer for my artistic and anthropological research on the 'The Artist as Hero: the politics of the relationship between the artist and society in the Basque Country'.
23 January - 10 February 2012. My painting 'Garlic' (oil on board) is exhibited as part of the collective show 'No strings attached' Valentine Biennal, at the School of the Arts, Reno. The painting can be bought in a silent auction on the evening of 10 February. 
13 January 2012. Via telephone I take part in the special event organized by Radio France Bleu Pays Basque for the Basque diaspora.
Happy New Year everyone!
With the end of 2011, I have completed my 365 drawings.
As from 2012, I am posting drawings on my new blog ´Line and Light´.
28 November - 2 December 2011. My paintings Quietude 1 and Quietude 2 will be on show at The Gallery in Cork Street, London, as part of the Bryanston Now exhibition, also showing Lucian Freud and Howard Hodgkin.

9-13 November 2011. I present a paper on 'Corporate Social Responsability and the Local Community: ethnographic perspectives,' together with Christian Thauer, at the ISA MidWest (International Studies Association) in St. Louis, Missouri.
The Basque magazine Argia publishes an article about me in their November edition no. 2297
5 November 2011. I give a talk on 'Painters of the valleys of Baztan and Baigorri/Garazi Today' at the Basque Cultural Center in San Francisco, California, on the occasion of the celebration of Nafarroaren Eguna.
28 June - 28 August 2011. My exhibition of recent paintings 'Des gens et des lieux / Lekuko jendea' is on at the Musée Historique de Biarritz, Biarritz, France
See Interview on the French TV channel FR3 (as from 4min. and 10secs.)
23 June 2011. I give a talk on realist portrait painting and ethnography in Uhartz-Cize, French Basque Country, invited by Femmes 3000, at 7pm. (In this photo, one of the projects I talk about: painting Nestor Basterretxea at his house in Hondarribia).
OPEN STUDIO. Saturday 4th of June, from 6-9pm. You are welcome to see what I have been up to over these past two months in Berlin. Works are for sale. The rest shall be flown to an exhibition I am having solo in Biarritz later that month. Address of studio: Naumannstrass 79, building 34B. U-Bahn: Sudkreuz.
30 May 2011. I give a lecture on Ethnography, Painting and Identity at the Freie Universitat, Berlin.
March-June 2011. I am based in Berlin, painting life-size portraits in my ad hoc studio in Sud Kreuz. Here, painting photographer Maria Ponte Jauregui.
30 March 2011. I talk via Skype from Berlin with students of the college Xalbador, in Kambo, French Basque Country.
I did this drawing for my 'one drawing a day 2011 challenge', which you can see here: 365 blog.

February 2011. I was interviewed by Fermin Munarriz for the newspaper Gara in Spanish. ARTICLE. VIDEO.
                         I was also interviewed by Panpi Mercapide for the radio Gure Irratia in Basque. LISTEN 

February 2011. I continue my portraits of the artists Nestor Basterretxea and Jose Antonio Sistiaga. In this photo, painting Jose Antonio at his home in Ziburu.
Starting 1 January 2011, I launch my project of producing a drawing every day of 2011. See the drawings on my special blog:
Each drawing is on sale for 36pounds and 50pence.
December 2010. I am in Florence and Rome, to take part in workshops and activities on the subjects of identity, ethnography and art, at the European University Institute, the Florence Academy of Art and the Associazione Culturale Euskara.
See extract of one video made about artists living and working in Florence.
24-27 November 2010. Young SIETAR Congress in Istanbul. I offer a workshop on 'Reflecting on our inter-personal identity relations'.
2 November 2010. Read article in HABE.
28-29 October 2010. I attend the Scottish Policy Innovation forum, in Edinburgh.
18-22 October. I take part in WeeKreate, a week of creativity at the Engineering School ESTIA in the French Basque Country where I give a course on creativity in painting, and illustrate live a roundtable discussion between different business people. A video of these experiences will soon be available.
9 October 2010. I inaugurate my series of 22 portraits of Iparraldeko bertsolariak (French Basque improvised singers) which I have been working on since 2008. Together with the association Iparraldeko Bertsolarien Lagunak, the exhibition marks the beginning of the 'bertsu' championships that will last till November. The exhibition is at the house of Larraldea in Sempere, in the French Basque Country. 
See an interview with the Basque television EITB.
On 13 November, the exhibition will be moved to the Jai Alai in Saint Jean de Luz on the occasion of the final championships.
The Basque radio EITB interviewed me on two occasions: listen here and here.
7-8 October 2010. I present a paper on 'Innovation in working practices: an anthropological perspective' at the Projectics conference hosted by the Ecole Superieure de Technologies Industrielles Avancees (ESTIA) in Bidart and San Sebastian, Basque Country. Here, one of various drawings I did to illustrate my talk.
8 - 13 August 2010. I attend a master class with the painters Antonio Lopez Garcia, Maria Moreno and Jose Maria Mezquita at the University of Navarre, Pamplona, Spain. In this photo, I am talking with Lopez and Moreno (who happen to also be husband and wife). I write about this experience: read it HERE.
July 12 to August 5 - I am between France and Spain to paint the portraits of three Basque artists in their homes. In this photo, with sculptor, film-maker and painter Nestor Basterretxea. I also did a sketch of Nestor which can be seen here. video
2 - 18 July. I am having a solo show in the fascinating town of Urretxu, surrounded by small steep mountains, south of San Sebastian (Basque Country, Spain).
Hall 'Juan de Lizarazu'.
Opening times: Tuesday to Sunday, 17:30 – 20:30.
On the 21st of July, I'll give local children a visit of the exhibition with a treasure hunt specially prepared in Basque.
See article in DIARIO VASCO