May 2017. My series of "ethnographic tableaux" featuring the fauna and flora of Palestine is growing.

January 2017. I am working on several art projects:

1. Portrait painting special individuals that I have the privilege of meeting in Jerusalem. Usually the person comes to pose for me in my studio. Currently I am completing a portrait of fellow artist Batnadiv Hakarmi, pregnant of her first child.

2. Painting a series of landscapes of Jerusalem that take in both the old and the new constructions of this complex city.

3. Constructing dioramas made from used cereal boxes, depicting the life of Palestinian sheepherders today. I link it with my experience of pastoralism amongst the Basques in their homeland and in the American West.

4. Painting still-lives including the beautiful glass and ceramics by the Palestinian artisans of Hebron.

5. I am composing illustrated children's stories. One of these is 'Maman et Papa Noel'. Traditions are invented and change with time and usage, and so we can play a role in molding them. With this particular story, I will be giving protagonism to the female figure in the secular and so-far partial tale of Father Christmas.

6. Making comical illustrations of everyday life in Jerusalem with my 2 and 4 year old children. Selected drawings can be found on my drawing blog.

7. As part of my daily illustrations, I have recently included the depiction of an individual climbing a tree and witnessing current social and political events that I identify with. Selected drawings can be found on my drawing blog.

8. I contribute weekly a cartoon on local politics in the Basque Country to the Basque paper Herria that comes out every Thursday. The cartoons can also be found on my drawing blog.

And finally, of course, writing ethnography. One current paper for instance focuses on the art world in East Jerusalem. Another paper, on an auto ethnography of art and politics in regions of conflict...
Oil sketch of the Valley of the Monastery of the Cross, viewed from my studio. 40cm60cm canvas

Happy New Year! I inaugurated this year climbing a tree for enlightenment, hope, love and freedom.

November 3 2016: I am invited by Dr. Gorka Mercero, lecturer in Basque Studies at Liverpool University, UK, to give a talk via Skype entitled "Changing Boundaries in the Basque Country: a multi-disciplinary perspective", about how identity politics have evolved in this region over the past few years and how to interpret them. The talk was scheduled as part of a study week on the topic of Borders, organised by the University's Modern Languages Department, with the help of the Basque Cultural Institute Etxepare.
October 2016: I am doing an Artist Residency in Motherhood that will last a year. ARIM is an initiative launched by the artist Lenka Clayton specially for artists who are also mothers. I find it helpful for delving into the sources of inspiration offered by the world of parenthood. Through ARIM, my work is developing in a more inter-disciplinary and multi-medial way, in which humour and play have central roles. It currently takes the concrete form of drawings and dioramas comically documenting daily life with a one and a three-year-old in the quirky and challenging context of Jerusalem, with all its sociopolitical tensions.
I will continue this residency until October 2017. I am so far the only participant of ARIM in the region of Israel-Palestine.
View of the Old - and New - City of Jerusalem (watercolour on cereal box)
Hebron Hills (watercolour on cereal box)

September 8 -15 2016: I am honoured to be featured in the Basque Weekly Magazine Herria. I talk about my experience of living in Jerusalem, and what it is I am doing there as an anthropologist and an artist.
May 2016: My article on "Anthropology with a Paintbrush" published in the Visual Anthropology Review now includes supplements for classroom activities.
April 2016: I work on a self-portrait with Noa Laila and fellow painter Batnadiv Hakarmi
Painting in progress...

My painting in progress, fellow painter Batnadiv Hakarmi working alongside, and Noa taking a rest from her posing
One of Batnadiv Hakarmi's paintings of me
Painting in progress..

April 2016: I take part in the collective guerrilla exhibit organized by the Center for Imaginative Ethnography as part of the Society for Applied Anthropology's Annual Meeting in Vancouver, Canada, with a video of the painting process with the late artist Nestor Basterretxea, and pop-up drawings of the process.

February- May 2016: My drawings of laundry in Jerusalem are on show in Riverside, California, USA, as part of the exhibition ‘Hanging Out’ and the project 'On the Line' conceived by Susan Ossman, from the Department of Anthropology of the University of California Riverside.
Men's shirts in the ultra orthodox Jewish quarter Mea Shearim.

February - April 2016: My portraits of Marie-Louise Lekumberry (see picture) and Nestor Basterretxea are on show at the Musée Basque of Bayonne, in the French Basque Country, as part of the exhibition on Art and the Basque Diaspora. The exhibition will then go to the Palacio de Contestable, Pamplona (May-July) and later to the Prison des Eveques, Saint Jean Pied de Port (July-August), within the framework of the Spanish Basque city of San Sebastian-Donostia as European Capital of Culture 2016.

February 25-26 2016: I take part in a conference on Art and the Basque Diaspora, organized by the Basque Studies Society Eusko Ikaskuntza, in Bayonne and San Sebastian, Basque Country.
February 17 2016: I am invited by the Carson City Arts Initiative to give an artist's talk at Sierra Nevada College, at Incline Village, on Lake Tahoe, NV, at 1pm AND at the BRIC, in Carson City, NV, at 6.30pm.
December 2015: This month will be my last of four and a half years as Assistant Professor on Tenure Track at the University of Nevada Reno's Center for Basque Studies. I have decided to leave this position to stay in Jerusalem where I was already located since October 2014 thanks to a sabbatical from UNR and a Lady Davis Visiting Scholarship from the Hebrew University. I am sad to leave UNR and grateful to it for having offered me such a stimulating environment. I have opted to remain in Jerusalem where my scholarship with HU has been prolonged, and my life partner Christian can also thrive professionally as Professor in HU's International Relations and German Studies departments.
November 2015:  Read my essay on Painting Anthropology in Anthropology News!

November 18-21 2015: I give a presentation of my recent research on art and politics in Jerusalem, at the American Anthropological Association Meeting, in Denver, Colorado.
November 16-17 2015: I discuss the use of portrait-painting as part of research on identity in areas of conflict at the Visual Research Conference, in Denver, Colorado, USA.
November 9-10 2015: I present my use of portrait-painting as part of anthropological research at the "Last Focus" conference at the Ecoles des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, in Paris.
Painting the Basque artist Nestor Basterretxea, July 2010
October 2015: My latest article "Anthropology with a PaintBrush" is out, in Visual Anthropology Review.

August 12 - 18 2015. I am exhibiting four of my portraits in the collective show 'Les peintres de la Nivelle', at the Tour de Bordagain, in Ciboure, French Basque Country. The portraits are of artists Filipe Oyhamburu, Nestor Basterretxea, and the shepherd Miren Aire, and a double self-portrait. Oyhamburu and my portrait were purchased long ago and are usually in the home of their owners. So this is a great opportunity to see them. Catologue.
July 3 2015. Closing reception of my artist's residency at Beita. While you enjoy a drink and a nibble, I will continue to paint. Sit down or stand and watch with a nice refreshment in one hand and a plate in the other! 
Painting the artist Leah Mur, at Beita, Jerusalem, July 2015
June 3 - July 2 2015. I am Artist-in-Residence at Beita, Jerusalem's Social Based Art Center. I will paint life-sized portraits of volunteer models over the course of three weeks. The residency focuses on portraiture as a mechanism for interpersonal communication, cross cultural exchange, self-exploration and personal identity-building. I will use Beita as a live studio where through my creative process I will explore the spiritual, psychological and sociopolitical dimensions of the models and their environment.
Painting Tel Aviv artist Sally Krysztal at Beita. Photograph by Emily Teague

June 2 2015. I give a talk and mini-workshop on Painting Identity and Portraiture at Beita, Jerusalem's Social Based Art Center. Participants are invited to try painting themselves or others.
February 1 2015. My daughter Noa Laila June was born peacefully in our home in Jerusalem.
I produced these two portraits of myself in charcoal on brown paper just a few weeks before:

November 2014: I co-organize a panel on "Drawing and Painting in the Production of Anthropological Knowledge" at the American Anthropological Association Meeting, in Washington DC.
Since October 2014, I am in Jerusalem. Based here as Lady Davis visiting professor at the European Forum of the Hebrew University, I continue my research on painting, ethnography and identity politics.
Sept. 3 - 6 2014. I will be painting live the portrait of Anthropologist Katie Stewart at the Blanton Museum of Art, Austin, Texas, in collaboration with the Anthropology Department of the University of Texas, Austin. Come visit 1-5pm everyday! Sept. 6: Roundtable discussion on the topic of Slow Ethnography.
July - August 2014. Solo show 'Lives', Saint Mary's Art Center, Virginia City, NV, USA.
Reception: Sunday June 29, 1-4pm.

June 19-22 2014. As part of Nada Dada, the art-in-50-motel-rooms-movement, I get a room at the Motor Lodge Motel in downtown Reno to draw the life-size portrait of photographer Frances Melhop. Come see us in action!

November 2013 - January 2014. Solo show 'Identities', Metro Gallery, downtown Reno, NV, USA.

Reception: December 12, 5-7pm.

In the picture, painting artist Joan Arrizabalaga at her home in Reno, NV.

November 18-24 2013. Live painting, with Ethnographic Terminalia,  Arts Incubator, Chicago, IL, USA.

October 18-20 2013. Live painting, American Natural History Museum, New York, NYC, USA.
May 2-4 2013. I co-organize the symposium 'Beyond Guernica and the Guggenheim: art and politics today", hosted by the Center for Basque Studies, at the University of Nevada Reno. Participants included art historians Dore Ashton and Peter Selz, sociologist Nathalie Heinich, curators Daniel Castillejo and Fernando Golvano, and artists Azucena Vieites and Txomin Badiola. A publication will be out in 2014.
April 2013. I receive a Junior Faculty Summer Research and Artistry Grant from the University of Nevada Reno - 3000 dollars - which will help cover the costs of my research on the politics of art in the Basque Country this summer.
March 2013. I take part in a retreat with the Dusty Roads Artists at Saint Mary's Art Center, in Virginia City, Nevada.
January-February 2013. Solo show 'Intimacy', Sheppard Contemporary Gallery, Reno, NV.

With the birth of my son, the presentation and reception for my exhibition is re-scheduled to: 7 February.

Paul Kurt Irrintzi was born today January 25 2013, at 8.01pm (at home in my painting studio thanks to the help of four amazing people, including my husband Christian)!

January 2013. Self-portrait in third trimester. oil on canvas.
As from today, 1st of January 2013, I shall resume my daily drawings.
You can see my previous challenge, in 2011, here.
I have decided to resume this challenge, because it is such a beautiful way of documenting life. 
And one of the beauties of life is that in exactly 4 weeks time, 'kartoffel' is officially expected to enter the world!

October-November 2012. My solo exhibition 'Portraits of People Today' is on show at the Hotel de Ville, Saint Jean Pied de Port, France.
14-17 October 2012. I present a paper on 'Ethnography and Painting: parallel ways of apprehending the world' at The Representational Art Conference, in Ventura California. Here, painting in the Bar du Marché, Bayonne, French Basque Country.
June-July 2012. I am in the Basque Country for my research on 'The Role of the Artist in Society Today'. Here painting sculptor Inaki Olazabal at work in his studio in Zumaia.
See a documentary about me by the regional television TVPI.
28 May - 29 June 2012. My oil sketches of Martutene prison in the outskirts of the Spanish Basque town of San Sebastian, are shown in a collective exhibition 'Itzal Aktiboaren lagunak' at the Gallery Josette Dacosta, in Saint Jean Pied de Port, France.
24-28 May 2012. I take part in the conference 'The Art of the Portrait', organized by the Portrait Society of America, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
May 2012. I complete my self-portrait 'With muse..' oil on canvas.
19 May 2012. I give a talk at the University of California Bakersfield on 'The Power of Images in the Basque Country', invited by Prof. Steve Gamboa.
13 April 2012 - I receive a Junior Faculty Research and Artistry Grant from UNR's College of Liberal Arts, which will greatly help finance my painting project in the Basque Country this summer!
11 April 2012. I give a talk in the Anthropology department of the University of Nevada, Reno on my research and my use of painting as an ethnographic method.

10 March 2012 - I give a presentation on my current artistic and anthropological research: 'The Power of Images (in the Basque imagination)' at the Nevada Historical Society Museum. Amongst images and artists that I argue are an influence, I mention the tree carvings by Basque American shepherds, cave paintings, street political art, the collages and intense paintings of Josette Dacosta, and Itziar Ziga's latest book cover Sexual Herria. I finish with a focus on individuality (below, a picture from my presentation, contrasting a tree carving with one of my 'erotic' paintings..).

1-3 March 2012. I present a paper with co-author Christian Thauer on 'Corporate Social Responsibility and Local Communities', combining political science and social anthropology, at the conference 'Beyond Utopia: crisis, values and the socialities of nature', organized by the Consortium of Comparative Research on Regional Integration and Social Cohesion' at the University of Santa Barbara, California.
February 2012. I receive a Scholarly and Creative Activities Grant from the College of Liberal Arts of the University of Nevada Reno. This will help me greatly to pursue fieldwork in the Basque Country over the coming summer for my artistic and anthropological research on the 'The Artist as Hero: the politics of the relationship between the artist and society in the Basque Country'.
23 January - 10 February 2012. My painting 'Garlic' (oil on board) is exhibited as part of the collective show 'No strings attached' Valentine Biennal, at the School of the Arts, Reno. The painting can be bought in a silent auction on the evening of 10 February. 
13 January 2012. Via telephone I take part in the special event organized by Radio France Bleu Pays Basque for the Basque diaspora.
Happy New Year everyone!
With the end of 2011, I have completed my 365 drawings.
As from 2012, I am posting drawings on my new blog ´Line and Light´.
28 November - 2 December 2011. My paintings Quietude 1 and Quietude 2 will be on show at The Gallery in Cork Street, London, as part of the Bryanston Now exhibition, also showing Lucian Freud and Howard Hodgkin.

9-13 November 2011. I present a paper on 'Corporate Social Responsability and the Local Community: ethnographic perspectives,' together with Christian Thauer, at the ISA MidWest (International Studies Association) in St. Louis, Missouri.
The Basque magazine Argia publishes an article about me in their November edition no. 2297
5 November 2011. I give a talk on 'Painters of the valleys of Baztan and Baigorri/Garazi Today' at the Basque Cultural Center in San Francisco, California, on the occasion of the celebration of Nafarroaren Eguna.